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Letter from the president

The people at Takco Inc what sets us apart from the competition. Everyone at this company goes the extra mile to ensure our efforts meet and exceed expectations. We are proud out of our name, our people and our product. We make it a priority to stay 100% focused on the schedule, quality of work and safety from the reconstruction meeting to the ribbon cutting.

Our goal is not only to build a project but to build relationships. Our core values are important to all of us here at Takco, and we strive to keep them at the forefront of all business decisions and negotiations. We look forward to building something great with you.

Ben Im/Owner

Core Values

Do what you say

  • If we make a promise at Takco we will stand on our word and deliver so that you can count on us.

Do it with class

  • We always keep a professional working relationship with everyone you come in contact with in this business.

Do your Job

  • We insure that the work is done with the highest quality, on time and on budget. This is why our clients have chosen Takco to do the job.

Do it better

  • We can and will assist in value engineering the project to save time and money.

Do it safely

  • We make sure that everyone leaves the job at the end of the day just how they arrived.

The people at TAKCO make the difference Every one of our well-trained employees goes the extra mile to ensure our efforts meet your expectations.

We are proud of our people, and we are proud of our work.

TAKCO has the resources and the talent to partner with you on all future construction projects.


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